same old

I can’t blog anymore because I know who is going to end up reading my posts. I have so much I want to say, but I really just. Don’t want to say it all here. This is that same old same old issue. I can’t blog anymore.



why is it that I only turn to this blog when I feel as if I am missing something? why do I feel like to be honest I must be in misery? I am not in misery. but I feel like I need to post that I am, but that I am ok with it. but I’m not I misery, and If I were I wouldn’t accept that. no one needs to believe me. but i am tired of being told that saying “I am fine” is a lie. why do I feel like it’s wrong to honestly be perfectly happy, even if only for a moment. I want to fight for joy, and with all I have been giving it would be a lie to say I have no reason to be joyful. do I always see how God is working? no. but there is joy in knowing simply that he is.