I hear the leaves blowing in the trees. Beautiful. I see the sun shining in the sky. Beautiful. Hand written letters, watercolored skies, scars, smiles that wrinkle the face, muddy feet, callused hands, the voices of the people I love. Beautiful.

Thinking about beauty and what it means has been the destination of my mind’s wandering on this beautiful fall day. I want to be beautiful. What woman doesn’t? But what does this mean? Does it mean my hair always looks nice, that my socks always match, that my makeup is done well, and my earrings match my necklace? If that is what beauty means then I am doomed. It must mean more than that. I want to be beautiful, as I said above. But I want to be beautiful in the depths of my soul. Reason: So I can point to Christ better. I am learning about what this means and thinking about this actively. So from now on I am going to be posting about some different beautiful traits I am going to work on, and then following up on how I am doing. This will take me years.

1. The beautiful trait of listening.