For all my Moods

So today I am sort of copying Classic Bronte’s post on music and the different affects it has one her. Except I am posting about what music I listen to when I am in a certain mood or am trying to get out of a certain mood.

When I am over the top happy I listen to: Yael Naim

When I am feeling discouraged I put on some: ‘Come, Weary Saints’ Sovereign Grace Music

When I am feeling girly I go to: Disney Princesses

When I am normal and trying to focus its all: Mumford and Sons

When I feel like dancing: Big Band  (Just try not to dance to this)

When I need a laugh: Apologetix

When I am feeling romantic: Braveheart

When I am feeling sappy: Owl City/Skysailing

When I want to bob my head: Rehab

For a floating around the house: Florence and the Machine

For most other times I put on: Coldplay, Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet, or some good musicals.


Sewing room!

So Becca and I entered this cleaning contest, and we got second. We win $50! YES!! See it  here!


A sketch I did on Christmas Eve while listening to “The Luke Reports” By Focus of the Family Radio Theater. It is a sketch of a one of little girls from the CSA farm we got our veggies from this summer.

Don’t read this post

So I am up late. Can’t sleep. Story of my life. A friend is sleeping over so I am sleeping on the futon, which is not comfy at all. I was just laying there thinking about things of no interest to anyone but maybe my dog, and said to myself “Self, go write a blog post.” So here I am.

Tonight I went swing dancing. It was a lot of fun, but far too crowded. My hair got all messy and in my face, but I didn’t really care that much.  Should I care? I don’t know. Does it matter. Not at all. Why am I saying this? I am tired.

I ate some cheese cake when I got home. It was very yummy. I made some toast, and didn’t eat it all. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. My fault, I was just lazy and didn’t feel like cooking anything. I forgot to feed my pigeons today. I feel really bad about it but don’t really want to go outside by myself in the dark and in the cold. If you are reading this I am so sorry. You might just want to stop now. It can only go down hill from here.

Sometimes life is hard, sometimes it’s not. I am so glad I know that God is sovereign. It helps a lot, a lot. And I mean a lot. I feel bad for people who don’t know that. How do they get though life? I don’t think I could.

I picked up my books from NCU today. They are new, last year they were used. It’s special.

Wow, I really am sorry. But I guess this is my blog, I am just throwing out my most random thoughts right now, and I guess that is what a blog is sort of for right?

Oh make a wish! Its 1:11! I wished for something. You wish you knew what it was. But not really, because it was lame and will most likely never happen.

I am sorry…again. I should just go. This is a bit awkward. Not to mention boring.

Goodnight moon. This has been a good chat. Because apparently I was talking to the moon that whole time…right….

Goals for 2011

I am posting a list of the goals I have for 2011 because I need to write them down somewhere. They are sort of lame but it’s better than nothing right?

I hope that I meet these goals this year, I can’t even remember what my goals were last year. But that is I why I am posting them. This time next year I will do a post on what goals I meet and how that all turned out. But for now, my 2011 goals (not in order of importance).

1. Not to be afraid to sing in front of people in general

2. Get my drivers license

3. Audition for a summer show or two

4. Get a job

5. Do my devotions every morning and enjoy them more

6. Be more respectful to my family

7. Offer to help my mom more

8. Work out regularly and eat well  for the sake of being healthy not “hot”

9. Speak less, listen more

10. Learn how to play the guitar

11. Obtain super powers (or some sort of cool fighting skills)

12. Spend my summer outside

13. Learn about the stars and gaze at them at night

14. Finish my math

15. Share the Gospel freely and unashamedly

16. Build up my vocabulary

17. Read more classics

18. Read more in general

19. Get A’s in all my classes

20. Save money and buy a nice camera

21. Go camping even if it is just in the front yard

22. Love my brother in a less sarcastic way

23. Photograph a epic storm

24. Write a song and record it (Pacific See?)

25. Learn how to oil paint

26. Learn how to swing dance really well (pretty well)

Thats is folks. Let’s see what I can cross off in a year.

I found this today. Took it at a party in the fall. Thought I would share.