My new friends

I would like you all to meet my two new friends. Lucie, and little Lucie, my birthday presents. They are recording mics. One is for singing into and the other is for guitar or violin or whatever. I love them!


17 years

Life. I am only 16  (a few hours from 17) but I feel like I have lived forever. But that is because it has been my forever. In my mind I have lived for forever because it is the only forever I have known. I am going to go through my life and say one good thing for each year. Because by the way. It is my birthday tomorrow.

1-year-old:. I was born.

2-years-old: I understood what friends were and made one that will be life long. Meg.

3-years-old: I stayed the night at the hospital.

4-years-old: I sang in front of my church

5-years-old: I had the best birthday party ever!

6-years-old: I got my favorite stuffed bunny ever who is turning 11 tomorrow. Grace. Yes, I did name my bunny Grace.

7-years-old: I swam across the river for the first time, and swung off the tree swing.

8-years-old: I was in a band. We sang a  song that we wrote in public and when to the barber shop to perform it. Complete with dancing. And I had two pet bunnies. Jack and Jill.

9-years-old: I was in the Sound of Music. It was my first taste of theater.

10-years-old: I got third place in swimming. Woot woot. Oh and I got a Blue ribbon for my pie crust.

11-years-old: I Went to Mexico for the first time. It was my first taste of Sign Language (We worked at a deaf center).

12-years-old: I went to Mexico for the second time and loved it! I moved from small town Iowa to big city Minnesota which changed everything. It was like waking up one day and finding that you are a new person with a new life. Actually, that is pretty much what happened. I met new friends and started acting classes with CB productions. I went to a new church that seemed so strange to me.

13-years-old:  I understood for the first time truly what it was to be saved by the Grace of Christ.

14-years-old: I was in a play with Beth, Bronte, Steph, and Becca directed by Mrs. S. I took a dance class with Mrs. S. I got in my first CB productions play, and I started taking voice lessons. We moved to a new house, which I love! And Erin and Roman moved in with us.

15-years-old: I flew on a plane. Which was so scary! I got my first Pigeons. And lets not forget the Lord of the Rings party!! And the Jane Austen party!

16-years-old: Oh my. Lets see. I have grown in my faith a lot this year, I am learning to trust God with my life and learning to only look to him for joy and salvation. I played Anne in Anne of Green Gables which was my dream role. I made a lot of really good friends! I am now in a band, singing. Other stuff. I think I know what I want to do with my life. I started PSEO classes. I have grown in my confidence to be myself. I went swing dancing for the first time. I made a movie. I dog sat for a dog for a really long time. I found Mumford and Sons and a lot of other new music. I went to Canada. I sang in front of people. I got dressed up and went to a play. I had a water fight while my good friend visited. I started a blog. I dyed my hair red. Lots of things. Too many. It was a good year. So happy to be alive.

Rest in peace Fanny.

This is a tribute to my second favorite pigeon. Why is it always my girls that die? She has been a very unhealthy pigeon ever since I got her in the summer of 2009. She would lay and egg and then not sit on it and be sick. I would bring her into the house (her and Blablabla were the only birds I ever brought into the house) and wash her up and put her in the back room (in a little cage) with a fan and some nice fresh hay. She could never fly at all. She stayed on the ground all the time. She was a wonderful pigeon and I will miss caring for her. She leaves behind her mate, Garth. I will not tell how she died because it is not a very nice story, at all. So rest in peace Fanny!

Fanny in the summer of 2010. Look at her beautiful purple tone.


I dream of…

The top five things that end up in my pleasant dreams

1. Living in a mud-hut in Australia and eating nectarines all day

2. Living in a gypsy caravan

3. Living in a cottage by the sea

4. Flying

5. Floating away in a hot air ballon

Most of these things I plan to do before I die. Flying maybe after I die.

Also this song ends up in my dreams a lot also…I don’t know why. I guess I have just heard it too many times.


Today I had a job interview at a healthy living center. The job is for the childcare department, I would be watching and playing with kids all day and getting paid for it! How perfect for me! I love kids, and I’m not going to lie, I am a fan of money as well. As if these two things were not great enough there is another plus to this job. If I understand correctly, I get a free membership to the center.  This means a pool, equipment to workout on, and the option of taking classes (this would still cost money but it’s still a perk!). I really hope I get this job! It will mean time that I will no longer have and of course it’s going to be work, but since I need a job anyway this seems perfect!  I thought the interview went well. It was harder than the other interview I had last summer but I still think it went pretty well! So please pray that I get the job! That would be very nice! I will let you all know what happens!