Happy birthday Siah! I love you a ton! I hope you like your birthday gift. 14 is a big year…not really but hey it’s getting you there!

Your clue is with the Pigeons.


White Detestation

So today I thought I would post about my loathing of squirrels. Why? I just need to vent. Get ready for this. First I would like to start by saying that I generally don’t hate things, here is the list of things I have very strong negative feelings about:

1)   Pop Country music

2)   Jell-O

3)   McDonalds

4)   Ink blots

5)   Human egg donation ( because of a video we saw in Bio-ethics class this week).

6)   Bieber Fever (give me a break!).

7)   Dead things falling out of trees onto my head.

8)   Squirrels

Most of all the kind of squirrels that live in our neighborhood.

Their scientific name is albino squirrels, but I prefer the term…white detestation.

You can’t even say that after seeing this you don’t hate them too. This is what all of them look like. Did I mention they are everywhere!!!!

Top ten reasons I hate albino squirrels:

1)   They are ugly.

2)   They have evil red eyes.

3)   They eat our bird food.

4)   They are everywhere.

5)   They sit on top of my pigeon coop like evil little…things.

6)   They look gross as road kill (plus they are only worth one point if you are playing the road kill game on a road trip).

7)   They fall out of trees on to people’s head, which is freaky.

8)   They are evil.

9)   They are more intelligent than anyone thinks.

10)  They are planning of taking over the world using stored up bird food as ammo for their walnut guns. Not only that but they choose my coop to use as a look out. THEY WILL DISTROY US ALL!!!

Ok, really they are not that bad…but really…they are.


Happy 50th Birthday!

So I have decided that on my 50th birthday I am going to get a tattoo on the back of my neck. This is assuming I am still alive and not somewhere that I can’t get a tattoo. Like not jail in New Guinea, or in a coma, in a coma in a jail in New Guinea. This is also assuming I don’t have some sort of cyborgish thing on the back of my neck…if I am a normal person in a normal place in normal health, this is the tattoo I am going to get (Minus the English at the bottom):

So there. Its on my bucket list, but I don’t want to do it when I am too young. I think I would be sick of it by the time I died.

The End.


I have always loved looking at costumes. My favorite place to look was always Brielle’s wardrobe. Her site has now moved to to this address: http://www.briellecostumes.com/

If you like costumes check it out!


So I am in Anne of Green Gables with CB production, for those of you who don’t know that. This is what my script looks like, and this is just the out side. The inside is not as ripped but does have words, verbs, blocking, and highlighting all over it! This just goes to show a lot of work does go into acting. ( Yes I am talking to you, you random kid at YEAH…you)


:Note the tear mark at the bottom: No just kidding.