Wild Flower Photography

This is one of my Favorite Photography blogs. I could look at these photos for hours! Enjoy!



My desk of days gone past

Who would have thought that something and simply as cleaning of a desk would turn into a big Nostalgia feast. As I peal back each layer of my life, I become more and more nostalgic. Maybe it’s the Celtic music playing on in the background, the harps and the flowing lyrics are most definitely not helping. Now you have to understand that I have had this desk from ages 10 to 16 and have never once cleaned it.

I start with the first layer, schoolbooks, notebooks, and pens. Layer number two has all my CDs and CD covers and posters. Now come the hard part layer number three. I find here all things Narnia, you see for a year all that went in and out of my head was Narnia. The books, the movies, everything about Narnia has been crammed into my head by…well…myself. I found old books about Narnia drawing I did of Narnia, old blog posts I did about Narnia (I used to have a blog just about Narnia). It’s like looking at old love notes from an old beau.

Layer number three holds with it, my old jewelry, things like lime green swirly bracelets, woods bead necklaces. But by far the hardest of all was layer number five. Oh man, I found letters I had written to the king of my make-believe land Rean. Drawings and letters I had forgot about. Photos, my hula-hoop trophy, my blue ribbon from my apple pie, and my 6th place ribbons from swim team. I found the code of Rean written in pen and ink on a crumpled old peace of paper, complete with burn marks and dirt smudges. This is getting hard, so I sit back in my chair covered in a sheepskin rug. A sheepskin rug that I use to lie on as a baby. As the harps play on and the flutes play their beautiful melody the singer moans a sad cry for my desk of days gone past. I look at the Gracie goose photo and even my biology book and I can’t help feeling nostalgic.

Time for some cold play and a burrito.

Hello world!

Hello World!

Well my name is Graycie, I have long hair, and bitten down nails. I live in a speckled house surrounded by evergreens and hostas. I am very thankful for my wonderful family, and my wonderful friends! I love photography and am currently saving up for a Canon of some kind. In the part of the yard I can see through my bedroom window you will find, 3 little Pigeons cooing in there coop, and a almost dead rose bush. I love to sing, laugh, talk nonstop, draw, paint, dry or press flowers, and act.

I am a Christian. Which means I believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ to the world, to live the prefect life I never could, and then be the sacrifice for all my sin. So in his Abundant Grace he paid for all my Abundant sin. I am truly a sinner saved my AMAZING grace.

Please join me as I try to make a real blog  on which I will post, my thoughts, photos, stories, and other such things. Help out by leaving a comment!