Under the table

Last night my sister Becca felt sick. I didn’t really want to sleep in the same room as her, so I grabbed my mattress, a bunch of blankets, and my dog. I moved my room to under the kitchen table. Best night of sleep I have ever gotten. You should try it sometime!

Good morning says the sun.



Pacific See.

Tonight I sang at a talent show for a friends church. You see I may not have told you this but I am in fact in a band. This band is called Pacific See. I am the singer. My very talented friends do all the hard stuff, they write the music and play piano (Kevin), play violin and bass and everything else (Amy), hit the drums (Riah), and rock the guitar (Mike).

Tonight when I sang four songs in front of a good amount of people…man. It just. Felt good. Singing for people was a big fear of mine for a long time. I never did it unless I was made! And if I did it was always silly. Tonight. Something clicked. And I want to do it again.

Bad quality but here you go.


Bucket list III

Sing on Sesame Street.

This is one of those dreams that I doubt will ever come true for a two main reasons. One, I don’t even know if I am ever going to do anything with singing in the future. Two, the whole idea is a bit far fetched.  But I still really want to do it, even if only in a  dream.

::My Favorite Sister::

This is a photo of my favorite sister, Becca. We pour our hearts and souls out to each other. She always brings in the gospel to whatever we are talking about, and always plays piano and sings with me. She cries more than me, which brings balance to my life. She is sensitive and seen to be quiet. But can she ever talk! She always lets me borrow things, buys me things, and listens to my dreams. She smells good, like sweetpea. She has real red hair and looks epic in purple. She drives me everywhere I go, and she always surprises me with the things that she says. When we were little I would crawl into bed with her and tell her stories. We sometimes stay up late giggling about silly things and and chatting over and over “I’m ok!” This is Becca. She is my favorite sister. And I love her.

A few of my favorite things…

::These are a few of my favorite things. In random order::

Flowers, Sunshine, Swimming in rivers, Singing new songs, Holding little babies, Theater, Being warm, People, The Gospel, Dreaming, Birds singing, Butterflies, Costumes, Grandparents, The smell of dirt, Tea parties, Mud, Dancing around to Taylor Swift, Eating, Watercolors, Playing music with friends, Football, Getting dressed up, Fruit, Veggies, Eyes, Going to my favorite church in the whole wide world, Staying up late looking at the stars from my bed room window, Tapping my feet, Playing really long board games, Getting flowers on my birthday, Drying flowers, Decorating my blue room, Going on adventures, Doing musical reenactments, Going to a good play, Eating snow, Sleepovers, Living, Playing music  my my brother, Sunday Worship, Carpooling, Petting dogs, Skipping classes because of snow, The BGB, Chatting on Facebook, Swing dancing, Running into people who I didn’t expect to see, New old dresses, hand-me-downs, Braids, Making pies, Photography, Being a character on stage, Lockets, Silly faces, Fountain pens, Eating real food, Egg salad sandwiches, People who sing the loudest even though they can’t quite stay on key, Walking, Car music, Trying on expensive dresses at the mall with friends and not buying them, Bare feet, Prank calls, Secrets, Pandora, Greek myths, Surprise parties, Little kids, Candles, Giving back rides, Wishing wells, Awkward looking hugs, The sea side, Paper planes, Movies, Dancing in the car, Wind running through my hair, and Looking at the sky.

Act One Scene 17a

Spot light down stage right where Grace is sitting on a stool very dramatically. The spotlight follows her through the following scene.

Grace: (talking to audience) I need to start making some decisions about my life. I think I want to pursue theater. My questions are: Should I go all out, into debt, work really hard and try to get into a pretty good school or conservatory(as she says this she looks as if trying hard to convince herself that she could do it)? Should I just start auditioning places? Should I double major in ASL and theater (she groans)? Should I go to a school with a theater program and just focus on theater? I just don’t know.

She walks down stage left and picks up her microphone looking at it as if she had never seen it before

I also want to keep music in my life. I love singing. Is that something I could do professionally? I just don’t know.

She sets down mic and walks to center stage

What if I get married, become a stay at home mom, homeschool, teach acting at a co-op, and sing with my 12 kids at talent shows? That doesn’t sound that bad—-(She pauses, smiles, and then lets out a laugh)

I just want to keep theater in my life somehow. You know what I really, really, really wish I could do?  I wish I could go on broadway. (she starts running around dancing a bit) Sing and Act! (She trips over her feet and looks up dismayed) I just don’t know if I can do Musical theater. I never have really tried—and I can’t dance—obviously.

She walks stage right, sits at the same place she started and lets out a sigh

Sorry folks. Just needed to get that out somewhere. I don’t know what is coming in my life but I am glad that I know that God knows. Otherwise, I would freak out!

(Black out)


So for those of you who do not know, I am taking ASL2 at a local university (PSEO.) ASL has alway fascinated me. I found this first video a long time ago but just thought about it again today. I really like this song but wasn’t going to post just the song…so here is Lucky in ASL. (I bet you have no idea how that is going to work…just watch it.)

And now a song I don’t like but a interpreter I do like. 🙂 His expressions are epic!

And a song that I do like and a interpreter I like also.

My birthday

For my birthday my sister threw me a Surprise Party. And when I say Surprise I mean Surprise! I had no idea! I walked in the house and flipped on the light and Bam! “WE DID THIS FOR YOU!!” all of my friends yelled out. I just about fell over in surprise. I was shaking. It was crazy! The party was a ton of fun! I enjoyed myself immensely! Here is photo and a video from the night. We had a little music time…:)