Ear to ear when they appear

Today I had a very good day, the mail man brought me a gift.  After opening this gift I was in a very very good mood. I walked right into a little conflict going on in my house. I started talking and I was smiling the whole time, then I would stop smiling, then my smile came back. Then I was chill, then I was beaming, then I started giggling. Then I tried to say something oh so very deep, but I started smiling all over again. My sister was fed up with this-she snapped a bit at me and said:

*glare* “Grace, you are in too much of a happy mood to talk.”

My boy

My boy

My boy

“If you want to know how your girl will treat you after marriage, just listen to her talking to her little brother. If you want to know how a a fellow will treat you after marriage, just listen to him talking to his big sister.”

Sorry ladies. He is too young for you. 😉

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This Photo is a candid. Just so you can see how cool my brother is. He sits around in the sunlight playing guitar in his free time, and he is really good for only playing for 7 months!