::Day 22::

A picture of something I wish I was better at:

Following through on things that I set my mind to do. Like learn Gutair.


A song that makes me laugh. “Home” By Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
It makes me laugh because of the accents, which I think are awesome. (Swearing goes down in this song. Be warned.)


::Day 21::

A picture that makes you happy


The song you have heard the most this week.

Haha. Well truth be told it would be “Poison and Wine” By The Civil Wars. You see. A friend and I recorded this song together this week so I heard a ton trying to get it all down. Plus I have heard myself singing it a bunch. It is a good song.

::Day 20::

A place I would love to go someday is this place. I think its in Brazil.


And a song that I listen to when I get angry. I really listen to this when I don’t want to be angry so I try to get it all out.

::Day 19::

Ok I haven’t posted in ages. I am sorry. All I can say is its summer and I have been crazy busy. Climbing rocks, going on rides, bussing downtown, singing, swimming, watching the sunrise, dancing, mudfights, talking into the late hours of the night, babysitting, walking, getting drawn on (don’t worry I wasn’t drinking), hitting up the MOA, moving into a new room, you get the idea. Long story short is that I am posting but may not post again for a few weeks.

Back to the challenge: Today I must post a picture of me when I was little, I was pretty cute back in the day.

Ok now a song. So I saw West Side Story last night at a big theater down town. It was the broadway cast! I mean it was ligit. Out seats could have been better…but hey we moved up for the second half. It was amazing. Dancing, singing, acting, set, lights, so good over all. I wont get into the nitty gritty. It was wonderful show. So here is my favorite song from the night from the movie.

‘A Boy Like That/I Have A Love’ Major goosebump song. I can’t get over that one. I almost cried. Watch the whole thing.

::Day 18::

Today I must post a picture of my biggest insecurity. At this moment in my life I can’t think of a big one. I think its just how people see me. I want people to have a good picture of me, and I don’t mean what I look like because I have gotten over the fact that I look like what I look like. This isn’t a huge issue for me but when I am feeling insecure thats what it is.



And I am done with this song thing. I just want to post music. 🙂 So this song. A few days late…


PS. Happy Fourth of July! Happy to be free!

Pss. I was cast as Meg in Little Woman.

::Day 17::

A person who has had a impact on my life recently. One person who comes to mind is Miss. Moriah. She inspires me to always be full of joy, to be myself, to love Christ more than this life, to dream, to create, to explore, to imagine, to keep my hair down, to love everything that God throws my way. She is Godly young woman and I am so glad I know her. Twinkle.

And a song that I have listen to over 100 times (Its says on itunes) There are two of them. One is “After the Storm” By Mumford and Sons. I have heard that 115 times on my computer. But I posted that song already, so I am going to post “Orange Colored Sky” By Nat King Cole.  This one is second with 108 listens.

::Day 16::

Someone who inspires me. Corrie Ten Boom inspires me because of how self-sacrificing she was. Putting herself in danger for others, being a light the darkest of places, and then after all she went thought at the hands of the Nazis (two of these things being losing her sister and best friend as well as her father) she forgave them and dedicated time into helping the Nazis come to know Christ. By Gods grace she was truly great. I can’t wait to meet her.

“There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.” -Corrie Ten Boom

 A song I wish I heard on the radio. ‘Everything’s ok’ by Chris Rice.

“Then He sent you along like a summer day
With a blue-sky smile on your funny face
And a bird flew by singing “Everything’s gonna be okay!”, yeah
So we laughed all day with the man in the moon
And we thanked the Good Lord for the afternoon
‘Cause He showed me His love by sending me you
And it’s okay, now
Everything’s okay”

::Day 14::

I cannot imagine life without: My family. I could write a long sentimental post about how much I love them. But I am no good at that. So I will just keep it simple. I love you all so so so so so much.

Today I need to post my guilty pleasure. This is really embarrassing…but I like this song…JB’s Somebody to love…

::Day 13::

So today I have been ordered to post a pic of  my favorite band. This is going to be a bit shocking. My favorite band is Mumford and Sons. I know. Be surprised.

And a song by them. I have already posted my favorite song by them but here is another great tune. This song is not on their album, but it should be.