this moment right now


a painting of the sun flowers

a better painting of the sun flowers


sheer curtains

a cow staring at me

tie-dye drying on the door

spray painted rubber boots 



a couple walking outside my window

a jar of seashells

a jar of buttons

a jar of water and lemon

dried limonium stapled to the wall

blue pillows

floral quilt 

wood floor

an open locket


a butterfly on the wall

me as an old lady

a painting by a favorite 4-year-old

blue hands 

birds singing

the washer going

wind chimes 

my parents talking in the kitchen

a frog calling out

water running

spoons clanking 

a dragon fly resting beside a bird

a picture of me at age 17

cars driving by outside my window

the mattress holding me up

the bedpost I am resting my foot on

my dad is singing now

the smell of spray paint

a slight head ache 

chipped nail polish 

lots of thoughts 

messy hair

smudged eye make up from the heat of the day

one lone white thread tied around my wrist

a sore back

a full stomach