::Apple Cider::


My dreaming place

My sister and I have shared a room for all of my life. Well this summer we split. She took the big room and I moved into my favorite room in the house. The study, now my dreaming place. Here are some photos of how I decorated it and made it mine. (This is for you Home making girls.)

Pie day

When I was little ( 9-12) I had a pie “business” in Iowa. Now don’t laugh when you hear this extremely Iowan fact. I got blue ribbons at the county fair 2 years in a row for my apple pie. I still have them. They told me I could have gone to the state fair if I was older and if I had written down the recipe for them ( It is my own recipe and it is not written down anywhere…expect for one lady who I gave it to.) So anyway, enough boasting. Point is, I love making pies. So this week I made two. Apple and raspberry. They were yummy (the raspberry was the best) and I enjoyed making them!