conversations with my 2-3 year old friends.

(talking about england)

juniper: whats yurup?

miss. grace: europe. its a place across the sea. there are lots of castles and it used to be a land full of magic and there even used to be dragons there!

juniper: *gasp* what happened to them? are they still there?

miss. grace: no they all got washed away in a big flood and they are gone now. they don’t live in this world anymore.

juniper: *gets really close and whispers* there used to be baby elephants too.

(4 hours into the day)

john-boden: miss gayz miss gayz!

miss. grace: yes johnny?

john-boden: *gives me a huge hug and stays hugging me for about 20 seconds* hi miss gayz.

lilyanna: I bite

miss. jerrica: who did you bite?

lilyanna: I bite john-boden

miss. jerrica: was that a nice thing to do?

lilyanna: *stares at miss. jerrica for about 6 seconds* I bite. I bite john-boden



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