in which Grace rants about her lack of desire or ability to be athletic.

Im just not athletic. I am not. I don’t know how to play basketball, like at all. I have never been skiing in my life, and the one time I went snowboarding just…don’t count. I freak out when playing volley ball, I am a totally spaz when the ball comes towards me. I just get in the way when it comes to football. I hate running. Ultimate Frisbee is a terrible game and I always imagine the Frisbee as a saw-blade coming for my neck. I was made fun of in middle school because I was no good at soccer (Thats gunna be my pity story when I go on “The Voice”). Really the only sports I enjoy playing are street hockey and football- both of which I probably look like an idiot playing. I don’t care about being athletic. Ill join the team just for the sake of being a part of something, and then I will spend most of the time making fun of myself or cheering for whatever team I am on.

I love to move. I love to dance. I love theater, and getting out of my comfort zone. I love walking, I will walk for hours. I love bikes, but I haven’t been on one since mine was taken out of our yard by some rude boys who like purple. I love climbing (But Im not very good at it). I like hiking a lot, but it takes me along time because I will stop to smell every flower and look at every pinecone and collect every good walking stick and rescue every bug and study every spider web and I will sit at the top of the hike and look and think and lay on the ground and stare at the sky. I love swimming. I love ice skating. I really love dancing. A lot. I like twirling. I don’t mind working out ( I actually enjoy it when I am with Hannah). But Im not athletic. Im just not.

“But you could be!”

Yah well I don’t want to be.  I don’t enjoy those kinds of sports. I really don’t like playing volleyball at all. Is that ok? Ill try. But chances are I won’t enjoy it.


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