Sometimes I swear I have visits from the ghosts of Graces past. I will be say brushing my hair thinking about the weather outside and all of a sudden I hear myself think “why are you in Kentucky…? Wait. I live here now? Where’s Elijah?? Wait. I’m single? We broke up??!! And I’m ok with this? And no theater? No arts? No floral design? I’m going into Teaching?! And I’m happy about that??And wait you and her didn’t stay in contact? At all?! What am I doing?? No wild young traveling? Just school? What is this?? Where am I?? Why am I here??” And in that moment I kind of panic a little bit. I clench my fists. And then I am reminded that my plans aren’t my plans at all. And I let go. Again. His plans are better. Those ghost just didn’t know.


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