in the forest, under the shade of the evergreen trees, there lived a tribe of faeries. Each family in this tribe represented a different bird. The goldfinch family was kind and their song filled every morning with a beautiful melody. Tessa was the youngest daughter. She was lovely beyond compare, as was her song. There was none compared to it. She loved her forest, and treasured every moment of life.

But a darkness had entered into her paradise. A Druid was lurking in the villages near by and had heard the legend of the bird fearies, and the beautiful young goldfinch, Tessa.

The Druid found her and was enchanted with her beauty. He demanded that she become his bride. She refused. The druids soul was dark and he thought only of himself. If he couldn’t be happy, nether could she. In his great anger he turned Tessa into a raven faerie, and replaced her melodic song with a unbearable caw. She was exiled from her forest, and sent to the dark woods.

Word was being passed quickly in the dark woods of a poor goldfinch who was turned into a raven and whose song was taken away. The stories told that she was starving on berries and seeds. When word came to the hawk faeries they were appalled that no one was doing anything to help this poor creature. They knew they must send someone to teach Tessa how to hunt and fly high and find her way clearer in the night sky. Breckenridge, a brave young hawk volunteered.

When he found her she was very sick, but he helped her find food and helped keep her spirits up by asking her to tell him of her people, and in turn telling her of his. Days became weeks, and weeks months. And Breckenridge found that he loved this beautiful raven faerie. He loved being with her and listening to her try and perfect her caw, and fail. He loved flying over the dark woods with her. He loved everything about her. Tessa found that she hated being away from Breckenridge, and that all she could think about when she wasn’t with him was how much she longed for his company. Breckenridge declared his love and Tessa returned it. They were happy.

But the druid heard about Tessa’s happiness and became enraged. He turned Breckenridge into a bear faerie, making it impossible for Tessa to marry him. Tessa’s heart broke, they could never share the same life, one in the air and one in a cave. But Breckenridge declared that no spell could separate them. He vowed to stay true to her and protect her for the rest of his life.

(Then he magically turned back into a hawk faerie via a magic lady who was also very nice. The tow of them got married. The end. Enjoy the photos. Haha! )

tessa-6 tessa- 4 Tessa-5 Tessa-3 Tessa 1 Tessa 2 Tessa-7 Normal IMG_9997 IMG_0012 IMG_9946 IMG_9894tessa- 4


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