Show me a baby kitten, I will probably kill it. Its just one of those days.

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like you could kill something?? Like every single sound, touch, smell, even every sight makes you want to chuck a potted plant though the window. You have no idea why except of course because you know you are a sinner, but other than that there is nothing wrong (except that your body wash isn’t in the shower and you are already wet). Your hair starts getting in your way so you call to get it all chopped off. Then your room is messy so you kind of sort of angrily throw everything around into a nicer mess. Then the bath room is messy which you never care about but you shove everything into a drawer. Then you yell at whoever it was who just talked to you, not because they said anything to make you upset but because how dare they interrupt your unnecessary crabby mood! So you sit down to write it all out thinking maybe if you can laugh at yourself or if you just type it out it will help. But really it doesn’t to anything but make you realize that your head kind of hurts and you are thirsty even though you just had water. Then your mind is all like “Hey you know what you haven’t thought about for a while?” And so you start thinking about things that make you terrible sad and lonely. Then you just feel like an idiot for all of the above. So you cry. Get up to make some tea…oh…and food might be good…I think you need to go to some devos.


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