My one secret.

The light blue sky was moving upwards and the dark night was being pushed into space by the sunlight. Before the night could vanish completely a silver ball of light fell from the night into the morning where it retired forever. How long has that star hung in the sky? Longer than any human alive on this earth has lived. How many people were there to watch it shine one last night? Who knows. But I was there, I saw it. I may or may not have yelled out in the early morning “Look!! It’s a shooting star! Did anyone else see that! That was amazing!!” I was told to be quiet and settle down, I would wake the sleepers.

I thought about the last night I spent in Ireland. It was very special and maybe one of my favorite memories. That night the blanket that was the sky was especially full of holes, light was peering through each tiny hole, and the light doubled in the reflection of the sea. I was above the sea that night, I could see both the sky and its mirror.  I saw a star fall that night.

I thought about a time I sat on a car in the driveway of my favorite home, I sat there with my dear friend Rose and we gazed at the stars. We talked and talked and got colder and colder, then a star fell. We both saw it.

I thought about the time another dear friend Beth and I climbed over a chain link fence late at night on Saint Patricks day-last year. We sat shivering with Susan and talked about Paul and EJ. We saw a shooting star.

I still wish on stars. I always make the same wish. So I take it back, I do have a secret, my wish.


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