Today we drove down to a friend’s house. She showed us how to make water kefir taste like grape soda (amazing). She also gave us our very own scoby.

Her 4 year old son looked up at me (or rather over at me because I was sitting on the floor) and we had a rather funny conversation.

4-year-old: Do you like….do you like Koooombucha?

Me: Yes I do. 🙂

4-year old: No you don’t. You need a scoby for that. You need to make put in a scoby for koooombucha.

Me: Oh! Well can you tell me how I can learn to make kombucha?

4-year-old: Yes. You have to find one of a jelly fish. They live in either ponds or sometimes in kooooombucha. I fink. I fink they live in both. And you just pu them in your. in your. in your water jar and then you have kooooombucha and it makes you feel really healthy and its. its. I fink its good for you. And its called a scoby. I like to drink them sometimes. I ask my mommy for them but I havent asked her for a long time. Like I fink it was like resterday.

So that was our conversation. He is such a cutie.

I then came home and said “I can’t believe he knew what a scoby was! I don’t even think Siah (no offense bro) knows what a scoby is!” to which Siah replied “Grace, I don’t find my refuge in knowing what a scoby is”

Mehehe. 🙂

I am super excited for our Kombucha to be ready. I love me some kombucha.

A photo of our new pet jelly fish. We are going to name him “Scoby” 😉



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