Sense and Sensibility

Goodness. My mom and I just finished watching Sense and Sensibility. Not the one with Emma Thompson (which is a great movie) but the one by Masterpiece and BBC in 2008. There is no other movie that I could watch over and over and still somehow never know whats coming. I always get teary eyed. I sigh with each look Edward gives Elinor. I grip my mug of tea when Lucy is being…well…Lucy. And at the end, when all turns out right and the beautiful music starts playing a feeling comes over me that doesn’t in any other movie. I think I would say that it is my all time steady. I will always love happy endings.  If you have not yet seen the 2008 Sense and Sensibility it is well worth your time. Watch it! (Just skip the first 40 seconds.)

This time watching I was really struck with Elinor’s character. Her composure throughout the entire story. I have always been Marianne, but want to be more like Elinor. I want to be calm, patient, composed, and selfless, but yet lack no true feeling. She bottles it, saving it, preserving it for when it is ready to be made good. Saving it. Waiting. With no expectation of the outcome she would choose.

Who knows what my happy ending will be? God does. So I will wait, not expect the outcome or try and skip to the end to see what happens. I will wait and trust that the one who wrote my story is an even better writer than Jane Austen.


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