I was told.

Today I was told

1) I belong in a convertible with my hair blowing in the wind and a scarf tied around my neck

2) I look like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

3) I should host a radio talk show

4) My smile is luminescent

5) I am always welcome to have a job at the local used car lot

6) I need to dye my hair something other than blonde because I look like (said person’s) girl friend from the back (Um…awkward? I can’t decide…)

7) I need to learn to tie a tie

8) “No offense but…your kind of like a hippie” -11 year old boy

Also. I ordered a sandwich from Subway today. Hold the bread. The look on the mans face, priceless. He proceeded to made me a sandwich on a piece of paper, was then scolded by his coworker and made to make me a sandwich in a bowl. I felt bad. Hope I tipped…:/



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