I am confused…

“Dear Jane,

I have been thinking a great deal about our last conversation. You ended it with the declaration that you wouldn’t marry a sailor even if you loved him. This has caused me to consider the state of the flowers in the yard. I saw them blooming last week then all at once they stopped and died. For some reason this made me think about your poor sailor. He says he loves you, and yet you say you have never even heard of him. How can this be? Surly if you know that he loves you you would have had to hear or him. And the flowers. Well. They are now gone. Maybe it was because your sailor man is now gone that I think of you when I see the dead things coming out of the ground. But he isn’t dead, so I don’t know why that would be. As you fly across the sea next week please reconsider how you feel about this sailor. You say you don’t know him. Well why not get to know him before you decide against it? I suppose its the life style you don’t care for and not the man himself. Maybe if you asked him he would quit being a sailor and become a fisherman instead. A lovely fishing house by the sea would be quant. I could see you as the wife of a fisherman. Ask him, dear Jane. If you think you might love him. Ask him. I will keep you updated about the state of the gardens. 

Your truly,




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