13 Birthday thoughts before bed

1.Its my last year being a teen.
2.19 isn’t that old.
3. When I was little (Or 16) I thought I would be married by now, or at least engaged, or at least have a boy friend. Silly me

4. Its amazing how fast friendships grow

5. I wonder what I will be doing on my next birthday. I really have no idea where I will be or who I will be with. Its crazy to think about.

6. I love all my gifts

7. I am so glad I didn’t have to work

8. “This time last year…” Didn’t come up as much as it could have and for that I am thankful.

9. Its nice to cry on your birthday

10. I am glad my room is clean

11. I am really bad at bowling

12. Tomorrow is bingo night at the McDonalds by the look out and the grave yard. I won’t be going.

13. I love dancingĀ 


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