Grace’s (rant?) about healthy…food…ness

So. I have been on this diet right? I am off grains…except for when I hit up the grilled cheese cafe…who can say no to grilled cheese? But even then I eat it on gluten free bread. So at the very least I am off of gluten. Why, you may ask. Well. Because gluten makes me crazy. 7 times out of 10 I am gloomy on gluten, and tired, and my head hurts and my body aches. So I cut it out. And I feel better. Sugar. Working on this one. For the most part I win…except when it comes to Ice cream….who can say no to ice cream right? Not me. So I eat it, because you know what, ice cream makes me happy. And thats ok. But you know, too much sugar makes me tired. So I try to stay away from it. I eat organic when I can. Because A. half the time is tastes better B. I like that my family supports local farmers C. My mom buys it, and I live at home. If I were on my own I think it would be harder, but I do think I would still make an effort. I love kombucha. No reason behind this, its just that good. I enjoy veggies. I love fruit. I really like (organic/ free range/ grass fed) meat. Because really, its just better. You can say I am a snob, I say I was spoiled with a mom who knows good meat and budgets for it (sacrificing other things). I can’t drink any kind of milk that isn’t raw. I just can’t. It grosses me out. I can maybe eat non raw ice cream, but that’s it. It would gross you out too if you…well…I won’t tell you. Sometimes I wish I could just live like no food would hurt me. I am not paranoid. I just. Like my food the way it is. And I like not wasting away into nothingness on a diet but maintaining a healthy weight in my life style. You don’t need to starve yourself to be healthy. Gosh. That’s about the worst thing you could do. Your body needs to eat, but it needs to eat its good foods. It needs good fats. It needs good meat. And its ok to eat ice cream every once in a while (aka, every few days). Food is your friend. Don’t just cut it out of your life and don’t let it rule your life. Its a fine line.


One thought on “Grace’s (rant?) about healthy…food…ness

  1. I like this.
    I’m going gluten-free right now, too! To figure out if that’s why I get sick 10 times a year. So far it’s kind of hard at times (watching friends eat bread and pizza and gluten-ness in the cafeteria every day, and it’s expensive on my own), but I’ve found that I LOVE eating mostly vegetables and fruits and nice things like eggs, avocados, and rice. Who needs bread when you can have so many other good things? (Only problem is the transportation and preparation being at college. Should have thought that one through more).
    So yes, I like hearing your rants.

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