Valentines day <3

I love valentines day. Its one of my favorite holidays.This may be a surprise to a lot of people because I am single. Valentines day tends to be a hard time for single people because it reminds them that they are in fact single, and really makes us feel like we are missing out on something.But I don’t know, I have never thought of Valentines day that way. Maybe its because my Dad has always made it special for us and one of my favorite childhood memories is when Dad and Siah set up a whole valentines day celebration for us girls, complete with stuffed animals, Michael Buble (this new, up and coming singer at the time), a dance, a catered meal, roses, candles, cards, all the classic Valentines day loveliness. Everythingis pink and white and red and hearts are all over and people are being romantic and there are flowers all over and the word love all over. And I love love. I love seeing people in love. I just love valentines day. And on top of it all the story behind it is beautiful. If you don’t know it and think its just a crappy commercialized holiday then,well, sucks to be you. Google Saint Valentine. Also, the thought that someday I (hopefully) won’t be single on Valentines day makes me content to be “alone” for it this year.

*sigh* I just love love.

Annnyway, enough gushing. I am getting all prepped up for Valentines day. Yesterday was a pre Valentines day day. ❤ImageImageImageImageImage


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