The weekend

Awkward quotes:

Taking two older men to their booth: 

Me: If you want to just follow me this way

Man 1: I’ll follow you anywhere cowgirl

Me: *Awkward laugh*

Rolling silverware in the kitchen:

Me: Lalalala (singing)

Jose: Hey Baybiii, you speek spanish

Me: No

Jose: Then why you always say gracias?  

Me: Its like the only word I know

Jose: *Smile* ok, whatever Baybii

Me: *awkward laugh*

Later out at my car:

Jose: Baybii! Hey!

Me: Oh, hi there. Goodnight

Jose: Ok Baybii. See you later Baybii.

Me: …Ok. 

Showing up for the super bowl party and sitting down with Josiah

Young couple: So are you two married?

Us: NO! No we are not…siblings…

Young couple: *Awkward laugh* oh…sorry



We had a movie night and Jake hung out after. We were a tad hyper…


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