Falling in love in a coffee shop

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn and I walked over to the coffee shop. I j-walked and dodged a few cars. I set my foot down in a big puddle and felt my sock squish with every step. It was raining and my ikea umbrella nearly flew away from me because on top of the rain was the wind. But I kept going. Determined to get myself some tea, and some ice to go with it. I walked around the whole starbucks building and couldn’t find a door. So I walked into Jimmy Johns and asked where the door into starbucks was. They laughed at me and told me to turn the corner and I would find it. Sure enough it was just around the corner. I had walked right past in. Squish. My foot was still sopping. I walked up to the counter and ordered my drink. And my ice. I sat down and waited. Waiting. While I was waiting I fell in love. Well not really. I don’t know if you have ever fallen in love but at times it can feel kind of like nothing in the world is going to stop you from dreaming and living out those dreams. It was that feeling. Only this time I was alone in my dreams. And for the first time, that was ok.


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