February Goals


First of all let it be said that contrary to my deep hatred for long winters and my dislike for the weather in February it is still my favorite month. Why? You may ask. Well first of all my birthday is on the 26th, second I LOVE valentines day, third I think February is a pretty name for a month, fourth I don’t like January so February saves me. Here are my goals for the month:

 Journal everyday all month: Silly as it may sound, I was inspired to journal after reading Dracula…

Work out four times a week at the gym: We have a gym, it takes two seconds to walk over there, there is no reason why I shouldn’t. I mean I already go maybe twice a week.

Read two books: Doesn’t matter which books I just need to be reading. I think I will start with “Deadline” by Randy Alcorn. But I reserve the right to read something else if I don’t like it.

Make a quilt: Of the Crazy Variety. This will also knock off a bucket list item (see how I multitask)

Make Valentines: Pretty ones. Like go buy things from the store in order to make really nice ones.

Along with these goals I want to keep up with the habits I formed  last month, so I will keep washing my face each night, and not eat late a night.


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