Yorkshire wind

I woke up from my sleep about a half hour ago. It’s almost 4am. I am tired, but not sleeping. It’s a windy day out, I can hear the wind whistling around outside. It sounds like I how I have heard the wind on the Yorkshire moors described. Or it’s like how I would imagine the night that the angel of death passed through Egypt, and the camp of the Israelites. I wonder why the wind sounds so frightening here in our apartment complex. Maybe it’s the buildings all so close together that cause the winds to echo at an unusual amount. It’s beautiful to listen to. But somehow it makes me feel sad. By just listening to it you would think  that there is some poor soul trapped outside and they are moaning to be let it. A low moan then growing higher as it becomes more desperate to come inside. I have always thought the wind to be such a beautiful thing, when the wind is howling there is so much scope for the imagination. However, tonight for the first time, I wouldn’t want to be caught outside with the wind running through my hair.

Here comes the rain. Now I can hear it pelting against the window. It sounds like it’s full heavy drops of water. Each drop makes a little splash.

I hear leaves swirling. Now it sounds as if a siren is going off outside. I guess there is a severe thunderstorm warning. But I have yet to hear any thunder. Its 70 degrees out there.

I should try to sleep.


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