Books on tape and marshmallow wars.

I have about 10 memories of this happening when I was little.  I hope my family is like this someday.

We finish our diner and the kids all look at each other and then at mom with begging eyes and all say at the same time “Can we please listen to another chapter of our book on tape!?” Mom say only after they have cleared the table. Dad goes to the kitchen pantry and comes back with a mischievous grin and his hands behind his back. Then he pulls out a bag of marshmallows rips it open and yells “MARSHMALLOW WAR!” and starts throwing them at the Mom and us kids. We all laugh and grab the marshmallows from the floor and throw them back. And on it goes till we have laughed so much that we all fall on the living room floor and fall asleep listening to our book on tape. I think this one was the Hobbit.


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