7 things of little consequence.

1.It is occurring to me that either I am getting progressively less intelligent or I stopped caring what comes out of my mind, off of my tongue, and from tips of my fingers. I imagine that would be because I stopped caring what I was filling my head with. It must have started with the night I watched the first Twilight movie, followed by the following three. I want to be filling my head with what is good, true, pure, loverly, and all the rest. Not saying that I will never again watch a chick flick. Only that if I do I must be sure that I am filling my head with more of Gods word than with sappy second rate romance movies.

2. This is one of my new friends. Kenzie. She and her sister took Siah, Becca, and I shopping at a hip little uptownie place. Image

3. This is my mother. We went out exploring the other day.Image

4. I got a job today. I am a hostess at an Italian resturan. Turns out in KY there are laws about under 21 year olds serving alcohol. But I am thankful for the job.

5. This is a clown fish I painted. (one of many, see “January”)Image

6. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower? I can’t untie these knots.Image

7. Isn’t this a nice song?


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