The best of times. The worst of times.

  • I dressed up like a hipster and went to the tea garden with the best of friends
  • I was a fairy queen
  • I played music
  • I carpooled with Josiah everywhere
  • I recoded an EP with PS
  • I turned 18
  • I went to the Bon Bons
  • I became a member of my church
  • I started courting my best friend
  • I went to Prom with Kevin and we looked awesome
  • I found a magic alley way with Moriah
  • I had an art class in a tree
  • I sat under a bridge with Kevin and Beth
  • I visted Sus with Beth
  • I learned to pray a lot
  • I saw a turtle get run over
  • I auditioned for the X factor
  • I sat in the SC and chatted
  • I went on a walk with someone who I didn’t know and still don’t
  • I drove to Chicago
  • I gave mud high fives
  • I danced like a fairy with Anna…right into Band of Brothers…awkward
  • I read a play on the Stranz’s couch and we laughed until I though we were going to die
  • I quit my diet
  • I got all dressed up in purple and went to the Oscars
  •  I had tea at Emily’s…a lot. Sometimes dressed up
  • I ran around barefoot at YEAH and didn’t get kicked out.
  • I was in a “A street car named desire” for a showcase and it was my favorite
  • I sang in a barn that was like 80 degrees
  • I had the coolest grad party of all times ever
  • I went to the beach with my brothers
  • I went on a 8 mile walk with Dan and got the worst sunburn ever
  • I graduated
  • I passed PE
  • I went to The Hunger Games at midnight dressed up
  • I got a good score in AP design
  • I got my first job at a pizza place to save money for a epic trip
  • I sparkled for weeks
  • I helped Kevin paint his room
  • I ate a lemon tart in a valley
  • I did a makeup fast
  • I had a lot of really hard conversations
  • I lost some friends
  • I made some friends
  • I felt like I had my whole life ahead of me and it didn’t scare me like it does now
  • I got up at 7 on Tuesdays to Skype
  • I stayed up till 2 am often talking with big brother Dan
  • I saw a truck explode with Kevin and Dan on our Tuesday adventures
  • I recorded a CD for a birthday
  • I ran on a bridge with Kevin
  • I wrote countless letters to Ireland
  • I flew across the sea alone
  • I changed flights
  • I had jetlag
  • I got surprise picked up at the airport
  • I ran on the beach in Ireland
  • I worked at a cottage
  • I was a hippie
  • I sang at a pub
  • I met midges
  • I made friends from all over the world
  • I collected shells in Galway
  • I sang for the doughnut man with Taka
  • I bought a hat
  • I asked the dairy farm to jump our car for us at 6am
  • I walked and walked and walked and walked
  • I went sailing at a loch
  • I broke a car window
  • I painted a lot
  • I played tractor
  • I took a train alone
  • I took a bus alone
  • I took a cab alone
  • I got letters each week from Katie
  • I went swimming in a very cold river
  • I went diving for water lillies with Lauren
  • I got hair wraps
  • I sat in the trees and looked down at the horse in the valley
  • I  got picked up and went back to Killkeel
  • I had a four pound pickernic
  • I talked to cops
  • I heard a bagpipe band
  • I met so many friends that I now love very much.
  • I stayed up late watching movies and eating candy
  • I guessed cactus
  • I went to Belfast
  • I went to Dunluce
  • I went to Giants Causeway
  • I had a sleep over with Keri
  • I played with play dough
  • I listed to Ben Howard in the flat
  • I threw pebbles at a window
  • I sang Rachel and Lauren to sleep
  • I did some swing with Elijah at town square
  • I went to Silent Valley
  • I climbed a mountain
  • I swam in the Irish sea
  • I sang in church
  • I ate a lot
  • I sang with John and Elijah
  • I looked at the stars on the beach
  • I saw a jelly fish
  • I had tea
  • I did a lot in Ireland and then I went home
  • I had drama getting home (well Elijah and I did)
  • I cried in the airport and was very thankful for a shoulder
  • I took the L in Chicago with Elijah at like 12 am
  • I got on a bus with Elijah and came home
  • I went swimming the day I got home
  • I went on my first date
  • I went on a epic road trip
  • I swam in a swimming hole
  • I sat in a kiddie pool-twice
  • I went paintballing
  • I got a job as a waitress
  • I was part of Ladies Society
  • I fell in love
  • I drove to pick up milk with my mom
  • I watched all the Twilight movies
  • I had my first heart break
  • My best friend got engaged
  • My other best friend went to Italy
  • My best friend got married
  • I was in my first wedding
  • I went to a wedding in Wisconsin
  • I danced like a fool
  • I got side bangs
  • I cut my hair
  • I spent awesome Sundays with great friends
  • I lived with the O’Neals
  • I played Just dance and about died
  • I got asked out for lunch and didn’t go
  • I moved to Kentucky
  • I was in my first small group
  • I got a GPS
  • I was in my last play with CB
  • I was a TA for Carla
  • I decorated a room
  • I cried a lot
  • I laughed a lot
  • I saw Les Mis
  • I surprised my family in Canada
  • I came home and found that home wasn’t where I wanted it to be
  • I felt like the list was not enough but left it as it was so I could make more memories. 15995_10200293737971783_1611849120_n 66000_415916345148966_1227316998_n 68627_10152314624475436_820938348_n 166080_3297524150118_1374836565_n 185453_372674112806523_1827062114_n 284872_394779990575890_1526736176_n-1 76709_378824702209263_921845231_n
    293484_277402635697109_1125789078_n 314215_268422193269674_533600400_n 399199_414193278654606_616995412_n 406157_499308000085817_720553250_n 418421_373349102739024_1699691157_n 420132_313404745380082_1354044617_n 421347_313404732046750_1783061926_n 423619_313369235383633_139210570_n 424088_293896337330923_748438095_n 425305_293895563997667_171545932_n 429110_313371832050040_757991449_n 431083_300742013313022_1402094155_n 531389_446905791990758_1897053504_n 536803_4318190025372_1747413396_n 543358_347473411973215_862651235_n 556521_4284189903237_1494530704_n 558378_268422176603009_2115069420_n 625617_372668909473710_1603880944_n

    543358_347473411973215_862651235_n556521_4284189903237_1494530704_n558378_268422176603009_2115069420_n625617_372668909473710_1603880944_n308253_10152123282460436_1567755621_nIMG_1941Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 1.22.26 PMSunrise_saildsc093781.jpg422791_10152086057395436_211185786_n
    292924_10152086052875436_593808804_n217920_10152086060645436_1792870725_n 305696_10152292229695436_1797826943_n 31564_10152292230595436_663228841_n 65157_10152276713355436_15936740_n 480375_10152292230340436_685203698_n 403010_10152292229385436_1405209691_n 305696_10152292229695436_1797826943_n522722_366948273359062_1759434180_n31564_10152292230595436_663228841_n65157_10152276713355436_15936740_nScreen Shot 2012-10-31 at 6.04.14 PM407628_4269114080680_1764012794_n

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