It is well with my soul.

Today in church…well hold up let me run grab my notes. I should start off by telling you I have had a rough few days. With the new year coming in and the old one leaving a tad bit more empty than I had hoped it would. I had high hopes for the year coming in. It was a wonderful year-maybe the best year of my life. But it ends at its low point.

Today there was a prophetic song in church- for those of you who don’t know what that means that someone in the church believed that God placed a song in his heart to be shared with the church, it is sung spontaneously and not planned out. I have only ever heard three of these songs. The one today I will not soon forget-I had tears coming down my face though the whole thing. I wish I could remember the lyrics. He started it by saying it was for people in the church who may have experienced loss this year, they walked into the year with more and are now walking away with the feeling that they are missing something or someone. He sang about this person and then sang (paraphrase) “I have a question for you, am I not enough?” He went on to speak of how we are Gods children and his desire is that we are contented in him alone. 
Then CJ came up to preach. “Count it all joy my brothers” He talked about how trials are not strange things. We should not be surprised when they come. We should be prepared. Trials are set for a divine purpose. We do not always know what the purpose is-but it is enough that our father in heaven does. They test us for growth. They purify our faith. He talked about how he hates to exercise but if he doesn’t he will not be healthy. Very few people in the world love working out, but almost everyone loves what they get from it, a healthy body. The way that we respond to these trials is what tests our faith. That is when we see results. Trials are for our good and they are from God. Trusting that the trials are from God make a world of difference. But trials are tough. We can only count them as JOY because we believe that they are for our good.
Its a hard road. But the destination is GLORY. —I just butchered the sermon, just go listen to it. That was al mosh posh of what I remember. Anyway. I feel challenged to reconsider each struggle, to examine life, to count it all joy.

We finished the morning off with It is well with my soul. One of my favorite hymns.  

Oh look my eye.Image


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