The feeling.

I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Its like when you are walking down the stairs and you think you are at the bottom but you missed a step and you fall 10 inches. Or when you wake up and remember that you have auditions later on that day. Or when you relies you needed a slip for you skirt but you are already out in public. Or when your dog runs away while you were holding the leash. Or when you hear a child falling down the stairs and all at once you remember that you were s’post to be watching said child. Or when you get a D on your final and know that you are going to have to tell your parents. Or when you run into someone and really don’t want to talk to them and you can tell they don’t want to talk to you either so you both just go about doing whatever you are doing and try really hard not to make eye contact. Or when you are staring at someone in a car next to you and you do make eye contact so you look away really fast. Or when you are afraid you hurt someones feeling with what you just said so you try really hard to fix it and say it differently and end up digging yourself in a hole.
If none of these things have ever happened to you congratulations. But the feeling is uneasy. Unsure. A little afraid, only I can’t pin it. I don’t know why I have this feeling. I just know the feeling. And I don’t like it. 


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