Life is not good. but He is.

You know. The past year has been rough. But wonderful. Up and down this way and that. I wouldn’t say that life is good. I would say that God is. Through every stupid thing that I have said and every person I have hurt he has worked in me. For every unkind word said to me he gave me 100 kind words. Why do I look at the unkind and so easily forget the kind. He has had his hand in every season and every journey I have made. He is good to me and that is why I am good here. That’s why I can be happy in KY away from all my friends and the life that thought was up next. Three months ago my life was heading in a very different direction. How kind of God to change it. I didn’t want it to change and part of me would love for it to change back. But I am here and I know that he is good and that this is for my good. 

I only wish I knew what I was s’post to do next. I wish I knew my heart like he does. 


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