Dec 3rd

I remember this day last year. I remember it well. I have often looked back on that day a year from now and it made me smile to myself. It was a good day. 

Whats funny about Dec 3 2011 is that on that day I remember wanting to look ahead. I thought “If things are so wonderful today think how they will be in a year, oh how I wish I could have a glance at Dec 3 2012” 

Today was a good day. But not how 17 year old grace thought it would be. It was a good day because I wanted it to be a good day. It was a good day because God gives grace. 

But I looked at today and I thought “What I wouldn’t give to go back a year and try that again” 

Time is not ours. It is and always will be the Lords. We can wish to go ahead or to go back. But He knows and He has us where we are for a reason. What that reason is we may not know until Glory. But its enough that he knows. And its enough for me to be happy today knowing that this long year was all in his plan. That all Dec 3rds are in his hands. All past and all to come. 

I do wish I could see what will be next Dec 3rd. But I think God wants it to be a surprise, so I guess I will just keep living and praying for more joy and more grace. 


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