When I was on an adventure.

This is all I had. This is everything. This is the main house. The living room of the main house. I stayed in a caravan outside with Marie and Loren. I bought this hat with Taka in the city of Galway when we went on our adventure there, he bought me some fresh warm doughnuts. I wore the scarf when we biked in the woods and got caught in the rain by the river. I wore a hole in the Toms. The scarf saved my neck from midges. The back pack carried about 8 outfits I never wore-I only wore two. It also holds the letters I carried with me across ireland. The grass crown I left behind by mistake-I made it in a daisy field while I talked with Taka. The skirt got covered in mud on the first day and I hung it by the fire to dry-it never did I never wore it again till this last day. My hands were worn and had mud in them that took a month to come out. Image


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