Cold mornings

Waking up early to a room cold as the grave can be a comforting thing. I wake up feeling something and today I know I am still alive.

Walking into my clean room and putting my clean clothes in all the right drawers and placing my books on the dresser just so me feel like I am keeping up with a piece of art.

The feeling that fall is around the corner somehow puts me at peace. Even though fall brings winter and winter brings an upturn of life. But not yet.  

It is alright for me to hang on to what I have right now and push away anything that could stain this season of life that I want to stay so perfect in my heart? I think maybe it could be-but somehow I don’t feel it is.

Why does opera make me want to cry today? 

I am just a wee person. But I like feeling that my feet are cold in the morning. 


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