Updateish on life and its blahgumblahness.

So yesterday was my last day of work. I am done working at Papa Murphys now. It was a bad last day. Well it was good-I mean we had really good customer service, we were talking up a storm with those customers and they were laughing and it was over all very good in that way. But close was bad. We didn’t clean as well as we should have because we were a bit behind because we had customers in the store until 10 after close. Then I messed up on my check out of my drawer. Then I realised that forgot my key to lock up-so my manager had to come bring me a new key. So it was not so good-but hey-I am done. So that is all I have to say about that. 

I am going to Ireland in 13 days. I plan on writing really short posts while I am there and keeping all you readers *laugh* slightly updated. Plus I kind of use this is a journal sometimes. So at some point maybe I will write about this trip to Ireland before I go so you know whats up. 

Also my grad party is in two days. I am very narcissistic. All these photos of myself everywhere and things that I have done and all this blahgablah. Its stoopid-but at the same time kind of fun to look at all these old photos. At my party we are having a pinata full of my favorite candy and a dress up box for the kids (and me) and lots of cake-lemon poppyseed of course-and salads and fresh made lemonade and a fire and I hope it doesn’t rain. 

Yay party.


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