Well I am rid of Facebook. It’s a hard thing to get rid of-but I changed my password to something that takes me forever to type out and by the time I type it I think I will have talked myself out of it. I would have deactivated my account but I need it for messaging which all comes to my phone. So I have some reasons why I got rid of Facebook for the summer.

1. It sucks time away from me not only while I am online but also while I am doing things. You know how this goes. You are running in the rain and as you are splashing and having fun and something like this pops in your head “When I get home my Facebook status is going to be: Ho hum! Will I ever grow up and stop playing in the rain? I doubt it. <3.” Or how about this thought “Gee this is so fun I am going to post a photo of me doing this on Facebook!” *post* ten minutes later while still at whatever event it was that you took the photo at “I wonder if anyone has liked or commented on that photo.” Can I just stop thinking about Facebook for five minutes?!

2. So Facebook is just an easy way to show off, brag, compare yourself, be narcissistic, look down on people and judge them, or idolize people based on what their stupid wall looks like! How many people comment on your post, how many people post on your wall, how many friends you have, how many likes you have, how many people are screaming  “You are so beautiful!! ❤ Yoooooou!” all over your profile photo. It’s just stupid.

3. I would rather have real life friends.

4. I don’t need people to affirm me online (or in person) but Facebook is an easy affirming tool. I don’t want that-I don’t need that.

5. I am going to Ireland and 14 days anyway sooo….:D

Thats kind of it…


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