Rest while running and side tracks

This weekend I have been running from place to place. On Wednesday I had friends over
::Side track:: We went on a road trip to a gas station across the bridge and then to the MOA. It was a grand old time ,and I got to bed late because I also had youth group.
::Side track:: We decided to go to Applebees after youth group with some people. A friend and I were whispering across the table and her brother was then like “what are you guys saying? I know you are talking about me!! Tell me tell me!” We were not talking about him but for the rest of the night he was bothering us about it. It was really funny::End side track::

I woke up early because my body decided that it would be a good idea. Stupid body. I got ready for prom which was that night.

::Side track:: My zipper ripped off like a half hour before we were getting picked up. Its a vintage dress and the zipper is finicky. It came right off. My friends mom ran it to the seamstress next door while I called my “Big Brother” and asked him to bring another dress. So he is on his way and badaboom  the dress comes back fixed. I wore it. And I really really reeeeeaaaallly liked it. ::End side track::

After prom I went over to a friends house and watched American Idol with Mrs. Phillips. I got home at 5 am.
::Side track:: I was so out of it on the way home that when I got out of the car I said to the driver “Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for driving me home! You *tear* have no idea how much it means to me” A little over tired? Me thinks yes. ::End side track::
I then went to work at 9 dead tired. Two and a half hours of sleep. I was dancing like a white homeschooled pastors kid in a 35 year old dress all night-rapping to Lecrea with one buddy  and swing dancing with another buddy. So bassically I was…yeah dead tired. So I got to work and had the whole front to myself. Which means I could talk, or sing without anyone hearing. I had to make 30 cheesy breads and 10 cinnamon wheels (Two for six-come buy one) I had to set up the line (its ok if you don’t know what that means) set up the grab and go, and set out the rugs. This all took me about an hour and a half. The whole time I prayed out loud about everything under the sun. I prayed for my family. I prayed for myself. I prayed for my friends. I prayed for their friends. I prayed for the world. I prayed for my boss and co-workers and families. I prayed for my life. I thanked God for all the things that there are to be thankful for-so basically everything.

Work couldn’t have gone better after that time. I was so thankful for it.

“I am too busy to not pray for less than two hours a day.” I am starting to understand this. Praying is rest while running.


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