A mumble jumble of words

Humans are always thinking back-or thinking forward-we are seldom thinking in the present. And the sad thing is that I am a human. I tend to think things like “If only times could still be like last summer” or “If only I could be done with this month and move on to the next thing.” If only that best thing wasn’t over-if only that best thing would come sooner. Whine. Whine. Whine.  Why is it that we never see how the best thing is always happening. Right now. I am in the best place I could be. I am with the best people. I am doing the best thing. Why is it the best? Because its Gods will and way. I know I posted about this before-but it’s still on my heart.

I am going to Ireland in 32 days. Why do I know the exact countdown? Because I have been looking forward to this for ages and now that its getting so close I am counting down each day. I have the mind set of “Lets do this thing and get this day over with so that it will be 31 days!” Thats not a big deal right? Thats just me looking forward to something that is worthy of looking forward to right? Wrong. That is me being discontent with where God has me right now. He has me in the best place right now. He will always keep me in the best place. I trust him in my mind-but my heart says “Come on God! Why am I still here! I am so ready to be on the next thing!” or you could word it like this “Come on God! I know better than you!” That is not trusting. I trust God for eternity, I trust him with the grand plan of the world, I trust that he has cleaned my heart, I trust that he fills me with grace each day, and is the source of my joy-but I don’t trust him for tomorrow? Tomorrow will be the best thing for tomorrow. Today is the best thing for today. Yesterday was the best thing for yesterday. I believe that God is wiser than I.

Is any of this making sense? It seems like a mumble jumble of words to me. What I am trying to say is this.

To rest is to trust God. To trust God is to be content with Gods will and way. To be content with Gods will and way is rest.

There-thats really all I was trying to say. I just thought I would make you read my raw unplanned out heart for a bit first.

Now I really need to go get ready for prom…


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