Grace’s Grand Adventure

When I first looked at our beautiful house on Stevens avenue the first thing I feel in love with was the wallpaper in the dining room. It was old and had this vintage look to it-I love old things. When I would drink tea in that room I felt like Lizzy Bennit. My parents however were not really into the whole vintage thing, but they said they would keep it until I moved out of the house. They changed, painted and updated every room in the house-but not my dinning room. 

My life is changing- everything that I have known for the past 18 years is flipping around on me. I have never liked change all that much. I think its because I hate goodbyes. I hate when we cut down trees-I recall sobbing when the tree in our old church yard fell down. Sap came out and I told my mom that the tree was bleeding, she gave me a band aid to put on that tree. Everything changes, everything grows, everything dies. Sometimes it hard to let go of the things we love. Sometimes we don’t realize how deeply we love until we say goodbye. I am trying to let go of the things that I hold in a tight fist. 

Starting with the wallpaper. Two days ago we peeled it off- all of it. Not going to lie-it caused a few tears. Amidst all the change the last thing I wanted was my favorite wall paper to come down. But I let it go.

One small step into the change that I will start calling  “Grace’s Grand Adventure”Image


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