The best

I was on a walk with my dear friend Moriah and for part of the time my dear friend Hannah. We were dreaming up a storm and talking our tongues dry. We laughed at red lights like crazy people until people were thoroughly amused. We got lost and found the place that I have only ever found by getting lost first. We picked lilacs and apple blossoms. We danced in the parking lot to Benny Goodman and we gave our feet a nice long mud bath. We climbed a tree and watched the sun fall into a sunrise on the other side of the world. We didn’t do the homework we had planned to do together. We just got distracted by the beauty on the way home from rehearsal. When we got home Moriah asked me a question. You see I am going to Ireland in a few weeks (dies with excitement) and so we were talking about this trip. 

Moriah looked at me as we sat on my day bed listening to a CD that sounds like waves and birds and flutes and she asked me “What if you get sick on your trip? Like the whole time? what you have something terrible like pneumonia for the whole trip?” I replied “that would really stink” She grabbed my hand and said “No. No, if that happened that would be the best thing that could happen. You just wouldn’t know why”

This hit me. Every time something goes wrong in my life I will shrug it and say “God is sovereign.” But not only is God sovereign- he is good. Every little mishap that  happens. Every tragic event. Its all the best. The absolute best.Image


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