Randoms on the show

Opening night for ‘Midsummer’ was tonight.

It could have been better. It could have been worse. I could have said all my lines correctly. “What wilt thou have to eat………..some music my sweet love?” That was awkward. Or how about “Crap…er…crop their waxen thighs”. That was also awkward. More so than the first. How about my leg going numb as I am walking towards “Bottom.” That just hurt.

I love the cast. I love the director. I love the show. I love the glitter all over my face. I love the lights and music. I love watching the fairy girls. I love watching the play with in the play. I love singing Newsies back stage with Theresa and Riah. I love talking to Mariah about the history of the fairy land. I love eating in costume and getting chewed out for it. I love my “secret” life at the theater. Tech week always feels like that one thing I do that no one who hasn’t been there can ever really understand. So it feels almost like a hidden side of me. I don’t think thats a bad thing. I am not trying to hide it. I mean I talk about it all the time. But what it actually is like-not many know.

Thats all. Now I need to go wash all this hair spray out of my hair and wipe all of this make up off of my face. Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and go back to the theater-my other home.


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