The Gym

I have spent at least 500 hours (no like really-I did the math) rehearsing for different plays with the different casts and with Carla my director in the old nasty little gym. I have spent hours in that gym taking acting classes, auditioning, and being called back. I met many dear friends in the gym- Anna, Kevin, Carrie, Moriah, Riah, Mike, Sam, Amy, David, Jessie, Maggie, Rose, Kyla, Logan, Claire and so many more. I have laughed my head off in that gym-spamming Thaxton’s wall, making up silly hand signals with Mariah, giggling with the girls about the boys, laughing at miss haps on stage (“TOM’S GOT A GIRL FRIEND!” being a favorite).  I have been a servant with asthma-running around in a little stocking cap. I have been a very intelligent 14-year-old with funny little nerd glasses and a huge vocabulary. I have wished I was a beautiful girl named Cordelia, with long nut brown hair. I have laughed with Diana, walked with Matthew, held a grudge against Gil, and I have cried with dear Marilla. I have danced at the bastille. I have lost a sister who was too young to die. I have fallen in love with a donkey. I have scars from carpet burns. I wore a ugly pink dress for a half and hour only to be told it was ugly. I ran down the hall way with Mariah and pretended it was a haunted wood. I learned how to swing dance with Mike. I had a snow ball fight with Logan. I carpooled there with Kyla, Rose, and Abby, and later Bronte and Thaxton, and later Andrew, and later still Anna. Naming the walls. Opening the windows. I left the gym to climb a tree with Kevin and got lied to by David, he told me I was being called and Carla was angry. I helped Claire and Janie say goodbye to the dear old nasty place. I burst though the doors with Rose after listening to “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.” I cried on the swings when I just couldn’t get Anne. I looked at the stars with Kevin and Thaxton. I sang with the river billies. I pulled up tape on the last Thursday of each show. I struggled with character on stage and off. Minced oaths. The apple of sin. The vampire Anne. “It it tRRRue.” O-B-L-O-N-G. Getting distracted as a gargoyle. I asked for line. I looked forward to rehearsal each week. I fell in love with theater.

All of the happend in the gym. Last night it was my turn to say goodbye to that nasty old place. I pulled up the tape one last time. I walked that blocking one last time. I didn’t help clean up the props one last time. I am not going to lie-I did cry. I still have the memories. I just wish I could make more. 

Two weeks left till I really say goodbye. Oh help me.  Photo time. 



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