A young spirit, with an old soul.

I am 18-years-old.

I am a adult in the world’s eyes. All grown up, yet I feel so young and immature like I am not worthy of the age bestowed upon me on the 26th of February. I haven’t been to very many places. I haven’t seen very many things. I don’t know a plethora of fancy words-in fact plethora is about as fancy as I get.

I will always be a child in many ways. I hope that I always look at the world as one big small town where everyone has only kind things to say and smiles to give away. I hope I always love to play in the mud. I hope I never stop running outside as soon as I smell the rain. I hope putting on shoes never becomes a habit, and my feet always stay callused. I want to have tea parties in fancy dresses till I am 98. I never want to stop dreaming-they say that dreams are only for the young. I don’t believe that. I never want to stop laughing at myself. I don’t want to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. And I don’t ever want to forget how much grace I have been shown by Christ my savior.

I have strong beliefs that I would follow to the death-beliefs that I will carry with me to the grave. I know my limits. I have learned the rules the world plays by-I know that I don’t like them-I know I am not interested in playing along. I know what I want to look for in this life. I want to enjoy all the little things that God sends my way. I believe that everything that happens is for my good. I know that the world is a scary place full of evil. And I know that God is a huge God who covers and protects me with his love. I know that death is not something to be afraid of.

They say that those with the most birthdays live the longest. Each year will bring me to a new place in my life. There will always be a new adventure waiting for me to take. I pray that God give me the grace for each new adventure. And it won’t be every year that God gives me the adventure that I hope and pray for.

Forever. I want to be a young spirit, with an old soul.


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