Little idols

So Wednesday my dear friend Anna and I were sitting on the couch in the back room of her families house talking about all sorts of things. We started talking about beauty and confidence and identity. Anna hadn’t been wearing any makeup that day and I was telling me it was really good for her. So I rashly said as if it was no big deal “Hey lets do a make up fast till the end of February.” I didn’t really think it through and kind of thought it would be no big deal. She agreed and our brothers witnessed the whole thing adding pressure to follow though. Now I don’t wear much make up. I hardly ever wear foundation, its mostly just eye make up that I like. So I get home and wash all the eye gunk off and go to bed. 

So four days latter I am realizing that I really had a tight hold on makeup. What started out as a “just because” dealiebop has become a lot harder. I am finding it hard to be as confident as I am with my eyes out lined when they are not. Thats pretty tragic.  I think make up was a very small idol in my life and whats odd is I never knew until I gave it up. It may seem very silly, but this “fast” is hard. I am trying to let go of feeling good about the way I look, and finding the less I care the freer I feel. Such a seemingly small thing. Such a big heart exposure. 

Ok so my question for you. What little tiny things do you hold on to with out even knowing? What little thing would make you feel like less a person with out it? Because if you are in Christ you are whole whether you have a ton of posts on your facebook wall or not. Call me captain obvious but think about it, have you ever thought about it? 

That being said…is this month almost over???!!


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