Someday hopefully. I will have a house. Someday hopefully I will have children. In this house before it is filled with children I will make a secret room. It will be a play house with painting all over the walls and kids books on the floor. There will be christmas lights all around, and a poorly boarded up window. The way to get in to this room will be by going though a wardrobe. I will fill the wardrobe with coats and natural cleaning supplies and it will look normal. But there will be a little handle in the back of the wardrobe that will open up into this room when unlocked. I will keep it free of mice and I will not tell my kids about it. One day I will read out loud from Narnia. If they are anything like I am they will try to find Narnia. One day while they are exploring they will find the little handle. But the door will be locked. If they are anything like me they will find a screw driver and pry it open. When they get inside of this play room it will look as if it has been there for ages and ages. If they are anything like me they will clean it up and make a home of it. They will light the lights and un board the window. It will be called Rean (ree-an). And the adventures that will happen in Rean will be the stuff of legends.

This has been a dream of mine since I was 8-years-old. Even if I live in a trailer this will happen somehow. If I can’t do this for my own children, I will do this for my grandchildren.  If not them, my great-grandchildren.


2 thoughts on “Rean

  1. You would have way more self control than I possess if you could do all of this before kids and wait years without telling them! I love the idea and it sounds just like something you would do. Rean lives on!!! Hooray for C.S. Lewis and the way he has inspired your imagination!

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