The wind blew through my hair. I ran from the figure of a dark man. I didn’t know who the man was, but he frightened me. He was chasing me. The sky was gray. It looked like the sea on a overcast day. I ran and ran. I didn’t know what was ahead and was once again frightened. I looked behind me. The unknown figure was gaining. I had to choose, run towards the unknown or be taken in by this man who was forcing me to keep running. I set my gaze straight ahead. I didn’t know where I was going, but it was away from the figure. So I ran and ran and ran. My heart was beating fiercely in my chest. The wind was cold and my breath shallow. I could taste blood in my throat. But I kept running. Running and running and running. As I ran I grew. Taller and taller and the sun became brighter and brighter. The dark figure was lost now. I could hear the birds singing just ahead. I didn’t want to stop now. So I kept running. I heard someone calling my name. My shoes fell off. I kept running. Then I saw it. A meadow. Orange flowers grew in the grass and the sun shone over head. This place was for me. Joy filled my heart, and I could feel it pouring out of me. I fell down into the grass and looked at the sky, it was now blue. I stopped running. I found rest.


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