She Radiates Joy

The kind of woman I want to be is like this woman.

She lives her life for the glory of God

Is glad she is a woman and expresses that

Does not compete with men for equality but understands that both have their own roles to play

She seeks wisdom

Strives for self control over emotions

Does not voice or wallow in her complaints

Radiates Joy

Is trust worthy and respectible

Does not gossip but speaks with wisdom and discretion

Encourages rather than bring down

Does not nag or manipulate

She is modest inside as well as outside

Knows her heart is her true beauty

Respects men who treat her with a gentlemanly air and is forgiving to those who don’t

Seeks to make God number one in her life

Leaves the details of her future to God

Does not flirt-rather saves all passion for her future

Holds her purity before marriage as sacred, both in body and in heart

Uses her single years to serve God

Prays always

She creates beauty 

Practices the things she desires others to practice


Knows when to laugh and when to cry

Listens first, talks second

She finds the beauty and joy in all situations 

I doubt I will even be like this woman, but its what I am aiming for. Maybe by the time I am 98 I will be like her.


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